About time the NSW Food Authority has a Name and Shame register.

It’s about time the NSW Food Authority has a Name and Shame register to expose those restaurant/takeaways who do not get regular pest control and put each customer that walks in their doors at risk of been seriously sick or even death in some cases.

We all love going out for a bite to eat but have you ever wondered what could be lurking around in some of the kitchens of the places we eat at?

Before starting at Pestfree I use to eat out so much and never thought that there could be rodents or cockroaches running around in the kitchens.

Looking back I was so naïve to think that each restaurant/takeaway place was clean as my own kitchen.

The potential risk of being seriously sick from food poisoning due to restaurants/takeaways negligence or pure laziness baffles me. I mean who would go out of their way to not care about their customer’s health & safety.

I have found the below article while researching effective ways to eradicate rodents.


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