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All you need to know – termite treatment cost and available solutions

Do you ever find yourself in need of termite treatment solutions? We’ve all encountered such a pest at some point considering that these insects are among the most common pests one would typically find invading their homes. Termites are so common that people often dismiss their presence as minor annoyance. You have to wonder – is this really wise though?

Termites are among the most destructive types of household pests and one expensive problem to have. If you’re wondering about the cost of termite treatment and what it entails, it would be best to start by knowing all that you can about such a pest.

A good look at termite treatment

So what exactly are termites? Have you even seen one yourself? Most people describe termites as small insects that feed on wood which explains it’s highly destructive nature. Surprisingly though, termites actually don’t eat wood but rather the cellulose substance which termites acquire by breaking down plants and wood by using the special enzymes found in their saliva.

People also often refer to termites as “white ants” and are known to thrive all over the world. These insects measure about an inch in size and live in colonies easily numbering by the thousands. If you live in an area that is generally warm all year round then you can consider yourself at risk of having a full blown termite infestation without even knowing it.

Of course there are a few signs that you can look out for that may suggest the presence of a termite colony in and around your home. The most common of such signs is the existence of what is known as “termite tubes” – subterranean tubes commonly seen on exterior and interior walls that termites use to bridge nesting areas suggesting the presence of a nearby termite colony. If you find any, you would do well to have your property thoroughly inspected for termite infestation.

The destructive nature of termites

Termite damage can vary as termites break down wood and plant material in the area. In early stages, termite infestation is often limited to exterior walls and dry walls that can be swept clean with termite treatment chemicals. However, termite infestations that have been allowed to go on for years can reach wooden framings and other support structures.

Termite service cost can increase significantly depending on how extensive the pest infestation not to mention the cost of repairs. Hence it would be in the best interest of property owners to deal with such pest problems as quickly and effectively as possible. Here at Pest Free Sydney can help you do just that – Call us today on 1800 153 010 for some of the best termite treatments in the country with guaranteed results!

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