Bull Ants in Sydney

Bull ants are on the largish size and they have quite a nasty sting, they use their large jaws to deliver the bite to their victim. There are many types of bull ants.

Bull ants are found throughout Australia and range from 8-10mm in length.

Bull ants will feed on plant material and nectar.

When Bull ants nest are under attack they become aggressive they will stream out of their nest and go into attack mode often delivering a painful bite and will often bite multiple times.

Most species of Bull ants have no colony workers; instead the queen will raid the nest of another species and kill the opposing queen. She will then take over the new colony.

Bull ant nests are usually underground and often have hidden or small entrances. The nests can extend several metres below the ground.
Bull ants also have well-developed vision and will follow or even chase an intruder a good distance from the nest.

• When a Queens starts to nest she digs a small chamber to lay her eggs in. There is one Queen ant that lays all the eggs and one or only a few males that are just there to mate with the Queen
• The ant’s life cycle passes through egg, larva, pupa and adult phases
• Almost every ant is born female. The eggs hatch into small grubs, which grow into a particular caste (most are workers, then soldiers)
• The Queen Bull Ant leaves the nest at night to forage and supplement the food supply for her progeny (baby bull ants)
• The Queen may live for several years

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