Carpet Beetles facts

Carpet beetles are roughly 3mm long and their head and legs are often hidden by their body.

The variegated carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) and furniture carpet beetle (Anthrenus flavipes) are a mottled yellow, white and black colour.

The black carpet beetle (Attagenus unicolor) is larger, ranging from 3-5 millimetres, more elongate and black with brownish legs.

The Australian carpet beetle (Anthrenocerus australis) is 2-3 millimetres long and dark with light markings.

Of the four species, only the Australian carpet beetle is native.

Carpet beetle larvae move slowly and are 4-7 millimetres long, depending on the species.

They are brown in colour and covered in bristles. As the larvae grow they moult, leaving cast brown skins.

Carpet beetles are found inside homes and other buildings where food is available.

Adult carpet beetles lay eggs near food sources and larvae feed.

After the pupal period of two to three weeks, the adult beetles emerge around spring or summer.

Adult Carpet beetles feed on nectar and pollen, and are sometimes found on the inside of windows as they try to fly outside.

The complete life cycle of the carpet beetle takes roughly nine to twelve months.

Carpet beetle larvae feed on dry materials of animal origin such as:

• Dried meat
• fur
• silk
• carcasses
• wool
• felt
Black carpet beetles are the most widespread and are very destructive.

Carpet beetle may frequently damage:

• carpets
• rugs
• underfelt
• wall hangings
• clothing
• wool insulation
• Insect collections.

Preventive measures are important.

Vacuum your carpets, rugs, soft furnishings and upholstery frequently and thoroughly.

Pay particular attention to low-traffic areas of carpets such as edges and under furniture.

Washing and steam-cleaning when appropriate is very effective.

How can we get rid of carpet beetles?

It is important to clean your entire house thoroughly. Thoroughly vacuum the entire house and the carpet to remove carpet beetles. To get rid of varied carpet beetles completely, it is important to vacuum your home every day for at least one week. Throw away all the infested garments and wash all your fabrics using hot water and quality detergent and steam clean your carpets and upholstered furniture. Carpet beetles are highly resilient and so hot water is more effective against them. For further protection, Call PestFree Sydney (Free call) 1800 15 30 10 as we use sprays and dust insecticides that are specifically manufactured for carpet beetles. Also block all the cracks and holes that could be the best place for varied carpet beetles to hide. PestFree Sydney use particular insecticides in cracks and crevices to stop the growth of carpet beetles.