Cat-Friendly Pest Control

We have extensive skills, knowledge, and experience in providing cat-friendly pest control. Learn more about cats to understand how we deliver pest control safe for cats. Likewise, we also provide feral cats pest control. Check out exactly what we know about cats that allow us to provide cat-friendly pest control.


Cat Information

Feral Cat

Felis catus


  • Similar to a domestic cat, but when in good condition the feral cats displays increased overall muscle development, which is noticeable around the head, neck and shoulders
  • The average body weight of the male feral cat is from 3kg to 6kg, while that of females varies from 2kg to 4kg


  • Cats can begin breeding when they reach puberty, which occurs when they are between four and twelve months old. Gestation period is 58 to 65 days and the average feline litter contains six kittens


  • The feral cat is most active at night, with peak hunting activity occurring soon after sunset and in the early hours before sunrise
  • Feral cats are now found in most habitats on mainland Australia, Tasmania and many offshore islands, although not in the wettest rainforests
  • Feral cats survive without any human contact or assistance, hunting animals to survive
  • The feral cat has caused the extinction of some species on islands and is thought to have contributed to the disappearance of many ground-dwelling birds and mammals on the mainland (source: Department of Environmental and Water Resources)

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