For the past few years, people have become more aware about their health and related issues and thus the demand for pest control services have increased over a period of time. This is because of awareness among people about hygiene and cleanliness. We at Pest Free provide pest control in Hunters Hill that includes various types of services and among them we get a lot of inquiries for lawn pest control services. The pests always create havoc in the lawns, and they eat up all the healthy plants.

There are various lawn care service providers available in the state. Our professionals have been in the lawn care services for long. They have been serving various residential and commercial businesses. We provide various services like residential lawn care; snow removal services and also commercial services.

Types of lawn care services

Our experts at Pest Control Hunters Hill guarantee a whole green lawn. Their professionals are specially trained in pest control treatment, removal of weeds and also the removal of insects which make the grass dry. The different application used for better maintenance of the lawn is:

  • Fertilizer – This helps to keep the lawns healthy and also green. This also keeps the insects at bay.
  • Broad leaf weeds controlling – this method helps in preventing the unnecessary weeds which grown in the grass. The weeds which grow in the grass is the morning glory, thistle or the dandelions.
  • Insect treatment is done according to the type of insects and proper pest control is done to maintain the lawn.
  • We also use various types of simple methods like planting of various medicinal herbs like neem, basil, mint and lemon grass in the lawn. There are considered as the most effective lawn care methods for pest control. These plants have the ability to stop the invasion of pests in the lawn.

In case the infestation is very severe our experts prefer to resort to chemical treatment. We make sure that these chemicals are not hazardous to the soil since there are many people who make kitchen gardens and hence this pesticide should not affect the vegetable or fruits which you grow.

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