One of the most common problems faced by households are “ANTS”! You head out on your porch in winters to enjoy the warmth of the sun and there you see a line of ants busily working. You obviously would not like your child to be playing among them. It is not only unhygienic but also dirty at times. There are a lot of precautions that you can take to keep away ants from your house, but often they are either not feasible or the ants keep growing despite the precautions. This is the time when you need pest control in Kogarah.

When to call us?

Most of the people fail to realize that they have already been attacked by these small creatures and this is where the situations go out of hands. If you recognize simple signs, you will be easily able to understand that you are now going to need a pest control treatment for your house. These signs include:

  • When you see a rail of ants strolling in your garden or kitchen.
  • When you see small piles of earth at various places. These are possibly the ant hills where the ants live in.

Pest Free Sydney control treatment: What to expect?

When you opt for Pest Free Sydney control treatment for ants, we make sure to treat not only the indoors, but also outdoors which includes your garden and porch. Mostly, ants don’t live in the homes but they are attracted only because of the food. One of the major ant control strategy used by us is the “toxic bait”. Ants basically take the food into their nests so placing toxic baits ensures that the whole nest of ants is going to intake it.

For outside, we use the eco-friendly product called Termidor. This is sprayed on the whole pathways where the ants stroll. It is a kind of poison which kills them once they walk over it.

When you hire pest control Kogarah, we make sure to rip off the problem of pests from the roots. We take care of complete inside and outside pest eradication on long term basis.

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