Not sure whether you are facing a termite/pest-related problem or not? While most people have many doubts about when to call for help, there are some people who do not understand whether they are facing a pest attack or not. Pest Free offers pest Control in Leichhardt for people who are facing a pest attack. While so much has been said and done to spread the awareness about these services, little effort has been taken to inform the people about when to call for help.

Pest control services: When to call?

Pest attacks are increasing day and day and the major reason behind it is that people react only after they have been attacked. If they call for help just to keep a check whether they are safe from pests or not, they will not only save a lot of money but will also eliminate trouble for their family. At Pest Free Sydney, we provide a unique service for pest inspection, which can be called at any time to make sure whether you are safe from pests or not.

The pest inspection service is an excellent service performed by the licensed inspectors who check everywhere from your bedroom to your basement for trails of pests.

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How do we perform inspections?

We use several high end techniques to find out whether you have pests in your house or not.

  • Visual inspection: Although effective yet a simple one! On visual inspection, the inspector checks for visible signs of pests in your house like hollowed furniture, exterior and interior of the house, fences etc.
  • Dog inspections: Relying only on the basis of visual inspection might not be suitable because sometimes the pest attack has just started and it may not be visible from outside. Thus, dog inspections are used. The dog used for pest detection is trained to smell specific kind of odor, which is released from pests. It is indicates that he has smelled that odor via some kind of sign.

The results of these inspections are reliable enough to start for the pest control Leichhardt activity.

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