Pest Free Sydney Pest Inspections

When you are buying a home the importance of pest inspections is vital as it is to ensure that the property is in great condition and does not have any major defects that may affect the property’s value or cost money to rectify in the future.

When obtaining the pest inspection from Pest Free Sydney the inspection itself can take up to two hours, all recommendations and findings are then reported on the termite report document.

Pest Free Sydney always recommends that you be careful not to pick the cheapest price as this sometimes indicates that the pest controller uses poorly trained staff.

Pest Free Sydney is constantly sending their technicians to courses and seminars to broaden each technician’s expertise.

It is important for you to know all about the pest control company you go with and try to avoid companies that use mobile and PO BOXES as it is difficult to trace them later on if there is an issue.

It is important that you ask as many questions as you can when dealing with a pest control company especially if you are obtaining a pest inspection report for your dream home.

What does Pest Free Sydney identify when carrying out the pest inspection on your home, we look to see if there are wood destroying insects, such as borers and/or termites (otherwise known as white ants) and any existing and potential damage they may have or will cause.

Pest Free Sydney not only provides you with a completed report but we also include photos of our findings.

Call Pest Free Sydney on our (free call number) 1800 15 30 10 to arrange a time for us to come and preform a pest inspection on your property today.