Pigeon Removal in Sydney

the challenge of pigeon removal in Sydney

Are you looking for techniques in pigeon removal?

Need some help for pigeon removal in Sydney? The presence of these birds can be quite problematic for many property owners especially when they roost and establish nesting areas around numerous crevices in your home as they are known to do so. It’s not so much their presence that is the problem but rather the excrements that they produce.

Pigeon waste contains acid that can break down tiles and concrete causing external surface of homes, buildings and other infrastructures to break down over time. Pigeon excrements are also known to carry salmonella which makes it a significant health concern for people.

The presence of pigeons in and around your property can be a serious concern and one that needs to be promptly dealt with. So the question remains – how do you deal with such pigeons and root them out of your property. There are certainly a couple of things that you can look into.

Tips for pigeon removal

If you’re looking for pigeon removal techniques then you can always start with something simple. It’s important to remember, pigeons are coming to your property for a reason – food! You or people nearby may have been feeding these birds in the past. These birds are cute but that gets old quickly when you find your property covered with pigeon excrement. You might want to keep your property clear of any potential food sources that can attract the presence of pigeons in your area. Aside from pigeon removal tips, you’d also be taking steps to discourage the presence of other types of pests as well.

Sources of drinking water can also be a factor that can attract the presence of pigeons in and around your property. You might want to check on water taps, basins and other unsecured water sources in your area. If you have a home garden then you might want to invest in a sprinkler with motion sensing functions. This type of sprinkler would serve to scare away animals that dare to approach (including pigeons) along with the convenience of making sure that your plants have sufficient access to water.

Professional help in pigeon removal

If despite your best efforts you are still unable to keep pigeons off your property, now may be a good time to consider investing on professional pigeon removal services. This service employs proven and cutting edge solutions for dealing with pigeons in your area. While the upfront cost of having a professional exterminator on the scene may seem significant, you have to think about the long term health and structural problems that pigeons if allowed to proliferate over time.

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