Rodents in Sydney

Pest Free Sydney can correctly identify and effectively eradicate any type of Rats or Mice.

Unfortunately no home is safe when it comes to an infestation of rodents, here at Pest Free Sydney we look an effective way of eradicating rodents in the quickest possible way.

Rodents not only breed prolifically but they are disgusting to have around, also bring bacteria sickness and diseases.

Rodents love where there are food sources, water and shelter.

There are a few things you can do to prevent an infestation of rodents your home.

Place all of your household garbage in tightly sealed bags in rubbish bins so rodents can’t gain access to food or scraps.

Trim all trees and shrubs from around your premises as this will make it harder for rodents to gain access through the roof.

Go around and look for entry points through cracks and crevices through the foundation walls of your premises.

Pest Free Sydney offers a range of services to help you eradicate the infestation of rodents.

Rodent bait, bait boxes, rodent traps, rodent glue boards and gels.

What are some of the signs that will indicate that you have a rodent problem?

Scratching noises in the roof, droppings around your premises, darkish run marks on walls and plumbing pipes, damages to food packaging, skirting boards and cables been eaten through.

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