Some Great Tips for Ant Control in Sydney

a property in need of ant control in Sydney

A good look at ant pest control

Looking for reputable advice on ant control in Sydney? No matter how meticulous you are about pest control, ant infestations can still happen plaguing your home with unsightly patches of dirt all over your walls which is a sure sign of their extensive presence in and around your property. It’s important to take action – these pests thrive in colonies which can easily number by the thousands.

Let’s look at some of the things that you can do for ant control in Sydney

Yes ants live in colonies. If you see a few ants in plain view then you can bet that there are thousands more hiding somewhere. An ant colony is headed by queen that constantly lays thousands of eggs bolstering their numbers in a few short weeks. The ants that you can see in the open are the male worker ants foraging for food in and around your home.
So what can you actually do about it?

Now that we know a few things about the problem we face, the first step towards good ant pest control is to determine what kind of infestation you have. This depends on where the ant colony is located (outside or inside your home). Depending on the answer, you would want to approach ant control in Sydney a little differently.

Having an ant colony outside your home means that these pests have somehow managed to find a way inside. The main concern is to find any openings around your home and promptly seal them. This includes cracks and small gaps in walls – these pests are extremely good at finding their way in around the tightest and smallest spaces. Apply insecticide then proceed to scrub affected areas clean in order to eliminate any lingering ant pheromone that ants essentially use as markers and attract the presence of ants in the area.

If the ant colony is inside your home then no amount of sealing and scrubbing will work. This means that the ants are so well entrenched within our property and have established food and water sources in the area. Most people stop at simply spraying insecticides but that doesn’t solve the real problem. You have to find the nest and destroy it. This can be accomplished through ant baits – traps laced with ant poison that ants tend to bring back slowly killing the entire colony.

Do you need professional help? Despite your best efforts, your ant problem may still persist especially in the case of severe infestations. Call Pest Free Sydney today on 1800 153 010 and let the professionals handle it! We offer some of the best deals for professional ant control in Sydney with guaranteed results.