The West Indian drywood termites in tropics of Australia

The West Indian drywood termite is established throughout most tropical regions of the Australia and throughout the world.

The species causes considerable damage to timber structures and will attack any softwood and low density hardwood timber used in a variety of furniture, flooring and structural woodwork.

Drywood termites don’t need any contact with the ground, or any other source of moisture, as they are found in the wood in which they are living in.

The West Indian drywood termites colony can exist in a single small piece of dry timber.

This is because their colonies are completely hidden away from the naked eye, these termites may exist undetected for years.

The most visible sign of their activity is their faecal pellets which are expelled from the colony.

The West Indian drywood termite has a habit of infesting timber without ever coming in contact with the soil renders and is immune to conventional barrier techniques installed to protect buildings from subterranean termites.

We see a lot of The West Indian drywood termites spread through infested furniture that is bought into a building.

When infested items are left the infestation can spread into adjacent parts of the building.

Not much can be done to prevent an infestation, other than to restrict the movement of infested timber (especially antiques) into a building.

Regular inspections by an experienced pest controller can help reduce the scale of damage resulting from drywood termite attack.

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