Warning about Flyby Pesties and the chemical Diazinon

It is important to always find a pest controller who is not only honest but also someone who uses chemicals that are not harmful to you, your family or pets.

In the article below it speaks about the chemical diazinon and the affect it had on one family.


The chemical is colourless and practically an odourless oil. Commercial diazinon is a pale to dark brown liquid and it is a manmade chemical which is typically used for pest insects in soil, on ornamental plants, and on fruit and vegetable field crops.

Other names for Diazinon are Alfatox, Basudin, AG 500, Dazzel, Gardentox, and Knoxout.

If you breathe air containing diazinon, you may absorb it into your body through your lungs.

Short exposures to high levels of diazinon can affect the nervous system. Symptoms include:

• headache, dizziness, weakness
• feelings of anxiety
• constriction of the pupils of the eye
• not being able to see clearly

Exposures to very high levels can cause more severe symptoms including:

• nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea
• slow pulse
• pinpoint pupils
• difficulty breathing
• passing out (coma)

Signs or symptoms of nervous system damage may occur within 30–60 minutes. If you experience these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately

It is likely that children would have the same health effects as adults. We do not know whether children would be more sensitive than adults to the effects of diazinon.

One study found neurological and bone effects in young children living in a house were diazinon was misused to control a flea infestation.
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