Wasps In Sydney – Pest Free Sydney

Wasps are annoying pests, but they can pose a danger to you and your family.

Wasp stings may be relatively harmless when the incident is isolated, but if a wasp chooses to attack in a group, it could end up in serious injury for you or someone you love, so it’s important to eradicate the wasps and their nest.

Wasps build their nest high up or lower down, though you can usually expect to find the nest high up.

They can build nests from mud or wood. When it comes to food, wasps are highly attracted to anything that has a sweet scent.

You usually see wasps in the summertime as they are more productive in humid weather.

Here at Pest Free Sydney we spray the nest and then remove the nest that way you are unlikely they will reactivate via emerging pupae.

Call Pest free on (free call) 1800 15 30 10 to arrange for one of our qualified technicians to come out and eradicate that wasps nest for you.