Pests have always been a major problem for industries like the food industry, health care industry and hospitality sector. These industries have the highest probability of facing pest attack. Thus, it is highly recommended for them to hire pest eradication service before the situation becomes difficult to handle. Because of the huge demand in the commercial sector, we at Pest Free Sydney now offer a wide range of services to our customers. These services are tailor made according to the client’s requirement and can be molded as and when needed.

Pest Free offers pest control in Kirribilli that will:

  • Identify your problem.
  • Monitor regularly.
  • Rapid eradication of pests.
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Step by step process

For pest eradication, at pest control Kirribilli we use a step by step procedure which makes sure that your problem has been identified and eradicated in such a way that it never returns back. The steps followed are:

  • Understanding the client’s problem: Although we provide excellent pest control service, but we still give preference to the client’s problems. The very first step involves listening to the client’s requirements and the problem that he is currently facing. Only once we have recognized the client’s problems, we proceed to the next step.
  • Inspect and indentify: After listening to the client’s problem, we perform a detailed inspection for the area of problems. This inspection is performed by the licensed inspectors who have several years of experience in the same. This step focuses on identification and inspection of the problem areas, keeping the client’s problems in mind.
  • Outline a strategy and long term pest control solution: Once all the preliminaries have been stated, it is important to design a long term strategy that can help the client get rid of the problem of pests totally. Most of our solutions are Eco friendly and we make sure that the children as well the environment near you does not get damaged in the process.
  • Timely treatment: Once the strategy has been defined, we make sure to make a time chart that approximates the number of days taken for the treatments. We completely understand the importance of time especially for hospitality sector and make sure that the task is done as per the schedule.
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