Protection of your house and your loves ones is the prime responsibility of the head of the family. Termites in the house can cause harm to both of them, thus you must take preventive measures to save your house from termite attacks. No matter how hard people have tried, termite attacks have become very popular in the recent past. It has been revealed through surveys that termite damage is much higher than the damage caused by natural calamities in Australia. This proves that termites are definitely a big concern nationwide. However, with a little awareness, you can definitely protect your property from termite attacks.

What should you do?

Most of the people usually overlook the existence of one or two termites in their house. It is high time for you to realize that it is no more a normal thing to have one or two termites in your house. Moreover, you should be aware of the fact that termites never live alone. So, if you have noticed only one or two of them in your house, be prepared to face their whole family as they might be living nearby. Prevention is always better than cure so start from the day one itself. You can use a number of termite sprays available in the market now.

However, if the problem persists, you need pest control in Lane Cove that can come to your rescue. At Pest Free, we make sure that your house remains termite free at all the times. We incorporate various high-end techniques that have been approved by the government of Australia to eradicate termites from your household.

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What we do?

It is always the right time to give us a call for your termite related problem! Even if you only have a hint of termites in your house, we can perform inspections to make sure whether you are actually facing a termite problem or not. However, once we realize that you are facing one, we use various techniques to eradicate the problem.

We make use of the bait technique first and if it fails then we use other techniques like termite dust at the pest control Lane Cover.

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