Termites cause havoc to our homes and buildings, especially if they’ve been undetected for many years! That’s why you need termite control in Sydney. Without monitoring and inspection, these termites breed and infest every nook and cranny of any building structures, especially those made of wood, rendering buildings and homes uninhabitable in due time, posing danger to life, limb, and property. Termite infestation weakens the building’s structures and may collapse anytime depending on how much of it has been compromised.

Annually, more than 100,000 Australian homes suffer from termite infestation, causing extensive damage if left unnoticed for years. Aside from significantly devaluing your property, repairs to any structure with wood and timber may cost you an arm and a leg! Good thing there’s Pest Free to help you rid your homes and buildings of termites and save you from costly repairs. With our experience and expertise in termite control, our pest control specialists can spot termites and their colonies, identifying evidence of termite activity anywhere in your home or building. We also provide expert recommendations and treatment options to mitigate the risk of termite infestation, including proper ventilation, dampness prevention, wood decay, and fungi concerns, all of which create a very conducive environment for termite invasion.


Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

In order for us to easily identify the presence of termites in your home or building, we use the latest infrared thermal imaging technology like Termiscan, among others. It’s an effective, non-invasive method in conducting termite inspection where not only the amount of moisture present is read, but the exact areas where there are growing concerns for termite damage and other pest infestations are identified. With this technology, our termite inspections will definitely leave your areas of concern clean and clear, and untouched by drills and other invasive equipment just to check for termites.

Infrared thermal imaging is now a standard among pest control providers. More than the ease of inspection identifying problem areas of pest infestation, it helps us to quickly assess the extent of the problem you may have and allows us to come up with the right recommendations, customising solutions for your termite problem and other pest infestations.


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More than 25 years in the pest control industry is what Pest Free is definitely proud of! Our awards and certifications are a testament to our expertise and experience that have saved not only hundreds but thousands of dollars of our customers’ money by delivering the best pest control services they need, from destructive avian pests to insect infestations. We’ve also helped countless customers save their places of business and even their homes, protecting them from all kinds of pest infestations and saving them from costly repairs.

So, at the first sign of any pest infestation, let our experts at Pest Free inspect your home or place of business. Our rates are one of the best rates in the market. And we’ve got the best, friendly, and highly competent crew of pest control experts working for you too! We wouldn’t be the choice company for termite control Sydney homeowners run to if we’re not great at what we do. Call us now!

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