Reliable Pigeon Removal in Sydney

Are you hit by a persistent pigeon problem? Discover pigeon removal in Sydney and find out why you should get in touch with an expert to handle elimination and abatement. Pigeons can create a bunch of troubles. These birds have the capability to nest and settle in the secreted gaps of buildings and residential. The […]

Cockroach Control Sydney Agencies

When you think of pests, first thing that comes to your mind is how to get rid of them? Pests are the reason for destroying not only your property but your reputation as well. If the files and furniture of your office are attacked by pests like cockroaches, it does not only disturb you but […]

Importance of Bed Bugs Extermination

Are you familiar with the saying “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite!” How can you avoid them from biting you when they are already living in your home? Bed bugs and various kinds of creatures can destroy your house and bank accounts. Although we share a world with such things, it doesn’t imply […]


Silverfish are a nocturnal insect and like to come out at night but can also been seen in the day if disturbed. The Silverfish are flat insect and typically they are 13–25 mm long with their bodies tapered at the end, giving them a fish-like appearance. The newly hatched Silverfish are a whitish colour, but […]

Infestation of termites to a NSW home.

Wow, I have never seen a termite infestation like this in my life. Now I know the video was taken 2 years ago but this should serve a reminder that termite inspections and treatment is a must.


What do Cockroaches look like? Adult Cockroaches have long, shiny, oval shaped bodies that are usually brown in colour. Cockroach heads are equipped with a pair of long, whip-like antennae’s to sense their surroundings. Cockroaches have really strong mouths which can chew through things. The cockroach has really long, spined, highly sensitive legs give them […]

7 Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants are common almost anywhere you live, but certain species of ants are truly unique and can provide insight on a range of topics from social behaviour to traffic patterns. See below some of our wonderful ant facts: 1. Colonies are bigger than the average ant farm. Ant colonies come in literally all shapes and […]