Paper Lice or Booklice

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Psocids (pronounced sosids) are a group of tiny pale insects often referred to as booklice. Most problem infestations will be caused by Liposcelis bostrychophila. There are over 3,000 species of them to be found across the world, although less than 50 are associated with human activities. They are not related to the true lice and do not bite or harm humans.

However, they do damage books and other paper products including paper packaging. They do not feed directly on the paper but on microscopic fungi that grow on the paper where the humidity levels permit. Paper packaging in warehouses is particularly susceptible to psocid infestation as the atmosphere in warehouses and therefore the packaging is difficult to control and keep very dry. Products such as flour can be rendered un-saleable by an infestation of psocids. The tiny insects can penetrate the packaging and contaminate the product within. The treatment and prevention of these pests relies first on an accurate identification of the pest species and an understanding of the stored products infested. Only then can an effective strategy be tailored to the elimination of the source of the infestation, the prevention of the insects entering the affected areas and the destruction or removal of any insects present.

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