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Pestfree Sydney specialise in helping home and business owners free themselves of termites. If left unchecked these nasty invaders can have a devastating effect on structures and the surrounding areas both residential and commercial.

Often referred to as White ants, it is thought that 1 in every 3 Australian homes either has active or some form of termite history.

Termites are easily the most destructive of wood eating insects. It is reported that annual damage is calculated to be five times that caused by the combined effects of storms, floods and fires.


Termiscan – Latest Technology

Termites are adept at finding all manner of hiding places. Thankfully, with the use of Termiscan infrared thermal imaging we are able to find termites that are nesting in concealed areas such as between floors or in walls.

Previously these types of inspections would have left unsightly drill marks or other holes, sometimes even the removal of wall linings. However, use of the latest technology has made them easier to track down.


Tell Tale Signs

Some of the signs that your home could already be under siege include:

  • Paint or plaster blisters
  • Sagging doors
  • Power failures
  • Protruding mud particles in fibro or gyprock

You can also check for the hollowing of timbers by tapping or touching certain areas.

In the event of finding that you are infested it is essential that the correct form of treatment is undertaken.

It is vital that you avoid carrying out any of the following:

  • Disturb the termites
  • Use sprays or chemicals
  • Remove timbers or affected wood


If Left Untreated:

To quickly and effectively deal with your termite issue you need to call in the experts. Failing to act can leave your home at serious risk of damage. The very worst cases can even involve causing extensive damage to a building, rendering it unsafe to live or work in.

Regular inspections will go a long way in alleviating any potential issues, often before they have a chance of becoming serious.

Put simply, now is the time to speak to the leading Sydney pest control company. We will be happy to provide you with a no obligation free quotation. Simply contact us today on 1800 15 30 10 or use our contact us page.