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We have extensive skills, knowledge, and experience about flea pest control in Sydney and that is why we can deliver the best pest control flea treatment. Learn more about fleas so you have a better understanding about flea pest control.


Flea Info


Adult fleas may live 100-500 days and can endure periods up to 4 months without food.

The adult female usually lays 4-8 eggs after each blood meal, mainly on the host, hence in her lifetime she may lay several hundred eggs. Eggs hatch in 2-14 days and the larvae usually feed for 15 days (maybe several months in adverse conditions) on organic material. After feeding the larvae spins a cocoon in which it pupates, this stage lasting 7-14 days or even up to a year in some cases.

The life cycle can last as little as 18 days in desirable conditions or more than a year in less favourable conditions.

How can I tell I have a flea problem?

A flea infestation will usually be present in premises occupied or previously occupied by pets. People residing or visiting a residence with a troublesome infestation will experience bites around the ankles and lower legs.

Where am I likely to find fleas in my home?

Fleas prefer warm, humid conditions, hence they are often a pest in summer, with periods of high humidity favouring the development of larvae. High concentrations of flea eggs are often associated with animal sleeping quarters.

Why are fleas a problem?

A Flea bite is intensely itchy, and can persist for days. Typically a cluster of bites may occur which develop into a small red spot surrounded by a reddish halo, usually without any swelling.

Secondary infections caused by scratching of the bite site are common. Also there are a number of diseases transmitted by fleas, such as; plague, endemic typhus and intestinal worm parasites.

What do I do if I have fleas in my home?

  • Do not disturb the fleas by moving furniture, pet bedding or other infested materials (we want to get to the route of the problem).
  • Call the experts at PESTFREE ASAP!

Flea Eradication

At PESTFREE our technicians are highly trained in pest control eradication techniques. They will assess the individual needs of your property, identifying the particular species your premises are infested with and the extent of infestation in order to determine the best regime.

In general a flea eradication treatment involves the following:

  • Spray all external grass and soil areas, garden beds and subfloor.
  • Fan-spray all internal flooring, carpeted areas and pet bedding.
  • Chemical Treatment

All pesticides used by PESTFREE are hospital grade, low toxicity, non-stain, and odour free.
At PESTFREE we use the best product available, Starycide® which is an insect growth regulator (IGR). It works by attacking the immature flea before it reaches adulthood to lay more eggs, thus eliminating the infestation.

By using PESTFREE you can rest assured that all of our pest control and treatment methods are Environmentally Friendly and most of all effective.

With over ten years experience we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results – Call us and have a PESTFREE day!

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