While Australia is home to many lovable animals like koalas and kangaroos, it is also home to many pests that rear their ugly presence all year round. Here are some fast facts about pests and why you need to get the services of the best company for pest control Sydney homeowners and businesses trust:

o Sydney was once dubbed the cockroach capital of Australia.
o Three quarters of Australia has been plagued by pests since 2015.

o Ants have been a major concern in Perth for more than five years now.

o The rest of the country has spider problems.

o 1 out of 5 houses have got termite problems.

So, who are you going to call? Pest Free, of course! We’re the one pest control company that’s been the choice of many homeowners and businesses for their pest control and management needs for many years now. We’re mighty proud of our professional pest control experts whose experience, expertise, and friendly service have made us a byword here in Sydney and surrounds. We’re also happy that we’ve been instrumental in saving our customers from the damage and costly repairs that pest infestation might have caused them.

If you think that your home or building might have pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call Pest Free! We’d be happy to do a cursory inspection of your home or place of business and give you expert recommendations. Call us today for a free quote!


How to Detect Infestations

There are many tell-tale signs which you can look out for before calling in the experts to rid your place of pests. You will know also know what kind of pest your place is infested with as indicated by the clues or signs they’re leaving in your home or building.

Droppings. These are a common sign that you might have an infestation. Droppings from birds, rats or mice are easy to identify but for smaller pests like bugs are difficult to detect.

Odour. Smell of wet or rotting wood might indicate there are termites in the area. Rodents like mice have a musty, urine-like odour while rats produce an ammonia-like smell.

Physical Damage. Holes in the walls or flooring, chewed-up wiring and electrical lines may indicate presence of rats and mice. Finding wooden furniture dust that looks like they were chewed off means there are termites present in your house.

It can be very challenging to detect pest infestation, but the ones mentioned are physical manifestations which you can observe. But if there are no signs and you still feel there might be a pest infestation, it wouldn’t harm to call in the experts at Pest Free.


Why Choose Us

Pest Free is your choice expert pest control company. We’ve got more than 25 years in our belt, providing pest control services, including termite control and management. Our awards and certifications are a testament to our expertise and experience that have saved not only hundreds but thousands of dollars of our customers’ money by delivering the best pest control services they need. Also, our affordable rates are one of the best in the market today. And our friendly and highly competent crew of pest control experts deliver high quality service on time, all the time. We wouldn’t be the choice company for pest control Sydney residents turn to if we’re not great at what we do. Call us today.

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