Possums control in Sydney

In Sydney the Brushtail and Ringtail Possums are well suited to living
in the suburbs. But we can all agree that they are noisy, smelly, and garden
destroying marsupial also keep us up all the night.

Pest Free Sydney Correctly identifies where the possums are sleeping and
running around in your roof void.

By using Pest Free Sydney you can rest assured that all of our Possum
control and removal methods are Environmentally Friendly and most of all

We believe possum proofing is essential in homes, as the possum needs to
be released within 50 metres of your house, in most circumstances.

Possums can make access in space the size of a business card, so a
thorough inspection and possum proofing process is needed. It is important to
recognise the difference between rats and possum noises as many ceiling lofts have
both possums and rats. We check inside your roof void for droppings that will
identify whether it is a possum or rat and can proof the building accordingly.

The possum has a natural instinct to try and re-enter “his home” in your
roof. This is where another form of housing should be tried, in the form of
possum boxes. These nesting boxes can be put in a tree or any safe comfortable
area. Urbanization sprawl has made it harder for possums to survive in their
natural habitat.

Pest Free Sydney can also arrange to install a Possum box in your yard prior
the removal of the Possum so it does not try to re-enter your roof void.

Did you know that killing a possum is an offence as the possum is a
protected species.

A Governor in Council Order made on 8 July 2003 was published in
Government Gazette G28, pages 1766-1767 on10 July 2003. This Order permits the
trapping of Common Brushtail Possums living in buildings for the purpose of
releasing them on the same property or taking them to a registered vet for
euthanasia. Relocation of possums is prohibited. Common

Ringtail possums remain fully protected and may not be trapped.

The order also permits the trapping of common Brushtail possums living
in municipal parks and municipal gardens, as part of a possum management plan
that included non-lethal measures and only by holders of a commercial wildlife
control who has a possum license.

If you would like any information or need a possum to be caught please
call Pest Free Sydney on our (free call number) 1800 15 30 10 and speak to one
of Pest Free Sydney’s experts.