Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from bugs like fleas and termites to rodents as big as rats or as large as marsupials like possums. If you find your homes or buildings being invaded or infested by pests, you’ll need the help of Sydney pest control experts like the ones from Pest Free. Pest Free has got more than two decades of experience in pest control, with satisfied customers like homeowners, property managers, business owners, commercial establishments, real estate agents, malls, and the like. They’ve come to trust us to rid their homes and buildings of pests that may cost them a fortune in repairs, if left unattended.

At Pest Free, we make sure your homes and buildings are free from dreaded creepy crawlies like spiders and termites. We’ve got pest solutions that not only help prevent these pests from coming back but protect your premises from any pest invasion. Administered by our qualified and certified pest control professionals, our pest control services utilise the latest techniques and technology in detecting pests, effectively and efficiently clearing your homes and buildings from pests.


Common Pests to Watch Out For

We at Pest Free have many pest solutions for your homes and buildings, provided that we find out what pests have been bugging you for quite some time. That said, we identify three common pests you need to watch out for whether at home or in your place of business.

Cockroaches. Cold and damp weather encourages these pests to come out and forage for food. The hateful part is the odour and the mess they leave behind (and of course, the disease they may bring). Just a tip: cockroaches live for cellulose so aside from food scraps, cardboard, boxes, papers, glues, and the like are the items they feed on. You might want to dispose of these materials properly.

Termites. They’re also called “white ants.” They cause the costliest damages to homes annually amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because Home and Building Insurance does not cover the damages caused by these insects, you might as well have termite control and maintenance every year to protect your homes and buildings.

Spiders. Australia has more than 2,000 species of spiders, including the most poisonous ones. With that many species, do not be surprised if you find them in your home of buildings, behind bookcases, air vents, eaves, and such locations. They love the dark and the damp, but some can be found in your garden, firewood stack, and your children’s cubby house. Just to be safe, have your homes and buildings inspected by Pest Free.

Other pests that might plague you are rodents, ants, bed bugs, wasps, flies, bees, and mosquitos. Give Pest Free a ring and our expert pest control crew will conduct a cursory inspection of your place before recommending what needs to be done.


Why Choose Us

Pest Free is the Sydney pest control company of choice. With over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have saved not only hundreds but thousands of dollars of our customers’ money by providing the best pest control services they need. Our affordable rates are one of the best in the market today. And with friendly and highly competent crew of pest control experts to deliver high quality service on time, all the time, you are getting your money’s worth. We wouldn’t be the choice company for pest control Sydney residents turn to if we’re not great at what we do. Call now!

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