Termite Control

Your home is the most important and valuable asset for you. You would obviously want to keep it safe and clean. Amongst all kinds of rodents, pests, insects and critters that cause harm to your property, termites are the most dangerous. They can single-handedly destroy and ruin your house structure and foundation and turn it into soil. These termites might not be noticeable in the very beginning and by the time you realise their infestation it might be too late. You should always be very careful and cautious about any kind of signs of termite invasion at your place, and protect your home from them. As soon as they are noticed, necessary steps should be taken to get rid of them immediately.

There are a number of termite treatment options available in stores which you can apply yourself. But if you have to combat a severe termite infestation, it is always advisable to use the services of a professional pest control company. These notorious and destructive insects are very difficult to exterminate and should be treated through science based solutions, to avoid substantial damage to your property.

You can appoint professionals to eradicate a termite population from your home with their knowledge, chemicals and technology. They use several methods like monitoring stations, bait stations, foams, sprays and fumigation tents depending on the situation and the termite species. There are other home remedies also that you can try your hands on if you feel that the infiltration is not very severe and has just started in a small space.

You can set up a cardboard trap if the termites have just started growing in a little space. You can wet a couple of flat strips of the cardboard and stack them close to the infected area. As the termites feed on cellulose, they will infest the cardboard and then you can take it out and burn it in a safe place. This is an excellent spot trap and can be repeated every time the termites come back.

You can also try nematodes for the subterranean termites found in soil. These beneficial nematodes are a worm species and work as natural parasites for the pests of your garden. They are easily available at your garden store. You can plant them in your garden early morning or after sunset. These nematodes look for the hosts, for example termite larvae and cause its death in about 48 hours.

If your furniture is infested by the dry termites, you can simply expose them to the sun. Termites flourish in the dark and the light and heat of the sun would kill them. You will need to continue this for at least 3-4 days to get the results.

You can also try freezing the termites if possible. In rainy areas where you get little sunlight you can refrigerate your pieces and parts of your furniture in a large freezer for a minimum of 2-3 days. But this technique is not very practically applicable for huge parts of the furniture.
These are simple and basic treatments for a temporary relief from the termite infestation. But if you have a major invasion of these pests in your property, you should not wait to take professional help. Termites are very hazardous and destructive insects and can cause serious and irreparable damage to your beautiful possessions.